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Novice Nook # 54 This week's article is entitled "The Theory of Chess Improvement". It contains an interesting "30,000 feet" discussion of what is necessary to improve. I.e., the need to add positives and subtract negatives. I like these kinds of articles from Heisman. Often what he says seems obvious once you read it, but very often until you do read it, you may not have thought about it before. For instance,

"You get a much begger impaact from adding large postives (such as learning commonly occurring tactics; better analysis methods; and proper time management) than you do from small positives (like a new 12th move in a given opening). It only stands to reason that improving things you do on each move (your analysis, time mangement, and evaluation skills) get a much bigger bang for the buck than improving things that occur occasionally (how to mate with a bishop and knight against a king)."

Good stuff. Here's the link: